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FAITH It Til You Make It!

Fake it til you make it, that’s the way the old saying goes. I say, in the famous words of Dwight Schrute, “false”. Don’t fake it. Be honest, at the very least with yourself.

Tomorrow I’ll be 4 weeks postpartum & today I’m going to see my doctor to talk about postpartum depression. I already take an antidepressant because prenatal depression gripped me in such a vulnerable time and tried to rob me of my joy. After many trials I finally found a medication that worked, but I’ve been feeling “blue” lately and I knew I needed to get myself seen, even if my medication doesn’t change, even if this is just baby blues and will be manageable at my current dose, I cannot fake what I feel and for the sake of myself and my family I cannot fake my mental health.

I know it is such a battle for so many mamas and in keeping it real my prayer has been “Lord, if it’s your will, let this cup pass from me”. I didn’t want to sip from the cup of depression. I didn’t want this to be my story. But even so, I want my life to speak light in the darkness, even if that darkness tries to consume me. My role is to speak life and to speak light, no matter my circumstances. So I’m here today standing in my weakness knowing it is in He that I am made strong.

[This is a post taken (with permission) from our secretary Courtney’s Facebook page. It is so beautifully written and an important message for our community of moms. Please help me in sending her some messages of encouragement. She is an integral part of what we do here and we are so grateful for her. If you’d like to connect with Courtney— feel free to comment below, or send us an email @ themotherboardinc@gmail.com & we’ll put you in contact. If you are feeling the baby blues, or you feel you might be experiencing postpartum depression, please reach out to your healthcare provider. If you need a little extra support or guidance, you can call or text the Postpartum Support International Helpline: 

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